Allard Lumber
Allard Lumber was started in 1974 by Clifford Allard and his brother on the farm of Robert Allard Sr. with a 100-year-old hand set circle mill sawing custom orders. Our mill has grown significantly since then and now includes several log yards in multiple states as well as kiln drying, planing and grading lumber. Allard Lumber now has more than 45 employees and continues to be owned and operated by Clifford Allard and family who have a hand in every aspect of the business.

(Below: Clifford Allard, Brittany Allard, and Trevor Allard)
Vermont has changed significantly during our lifetime but we still believe that our greatest resource in the Northeast is our timberland and if we harvest it and manage it properly, it can support the residence of New England for many generations to come. The surrounding communities are important to us. We believe that maple sugaring, farming, tourism, responsible forestry, and recreational land use go hand in hand. We focus on using the most efficient milling techniques possible to get the most out of every log. The waste that comes out of our mill (wood chips, sawdust, shavings, bark) is used to dry lumber, is used for heating, and to make mulch and many other wood products. We offer tours of our plant to woodlot owners, school groups, and other community organizations.